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Announcement of the Science and Innovation Audit reports

Science and innovation audits help regions to map their research and innovation strengths and identify areas of potential global competitive advantage. They are carried out by groups including local businesses, universities and local enterprise partnerships (LEPs). The Midlands Engine Science and Innovation Audit report was submitted to Government in September.  Subsequently all five of the “Wave 1” audits have been reviewed by Government and certain Agencies.  Following some feedback from Government, BEIS announced the outcome of the Wave 1 Audits, including the Midlands Engine audit. There is a dedicated Government page where all reports can be viewed. These were announced in Greg Clark’s speech at Innovate 2016. For the Midlands, the next steps are being considered by the Midlands Engine Innovation Group – the Midlands SIA Delivery Group was a task and finish group set up to deliver the Midlands SIA work on behalf of the Midlands Engine Innovation Group.

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