Aston offers free programme of support to local manufacturing SMEs

Aston Business School is offering a programme of free support to manufacturing SMEs in the West Midlands to help them to understand how to strengthen their relationships with customers, create new revenue streams and set high barriers for competitors through a process called servitization.  

Servitization is the process of changing a company’s business model, to offer advanced services coupled with products, rather than just the products alone. This means providing a holistic solution to customers, helping to improve their competitiveness, rather than just engaging in single transactions through the sale of a physical product.  

The programme takes the form of workshops which guide each company through a review of its competitive strategy and help the company to develop an action plan for servitization. Ongoing implementation support is also available. 

All of the support is available free of charge to eligible companies as it is part funded by the West Midlands European Regional Development Fund. Eligible companies are West Midlands based manufacturing SMEs (i.e. with fewer than 250 employees, turnover of less than £39m or a balance sheet of less than £34m). 

Source: Aston University Website