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Automated and Autonomous Public Transport – A Systra Report

Autonomous vehicles are evolving and shaping the future of mobility. This observation has led Systra engineers to question what the future holds for autonomous public transport systems. Technological developments are transforming mobility. Making private cars autonomous gives a glimpse of the benefits in terms of urban traffic decongestion, improvement in air quality, flexibility and safety. A new connected mobility offer, electric and shared, is emerging with the development of autonomous vehicles. These observations have led Systra to review the opportunities presented by these new technologies for the development of autonomous public transport systems, especially for guided rail transport: tram, metro, railway. What will the challenges, obstacles, perspectives and risks be? What kind of vision can one form of tomorrow’s public transport? Experts answer these questions and look as engineers at the future of autonomous transport via a study and a 160-page white paper. Find a summary of the report here.

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