BEIS publish two new Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) guidance notes.

HNIP Review process

This document is for applicants who request a review of a decision taken by the HNIP Investment Committee. It sets out important information about the basis on which applications are considered and what to do if your application is unsuccessful. It explains the key principles and factors underpinning the assessment of applications for HNIP funding and the Investment Committee’s decisions to award funding to such applicants.

The guidance can be downloaded from the BEIS website:

All the HNIP guidance documents can be found on the BEIS HNIP page:

 Standardised Due Diligence Set

This guidance aims to provide heat network sponsors and developers with a better understanding of the due diligence requirements of project finance lenders and investors. If you are seeking to raise third party funding, it will help you demonstrate as part of your application that your project meets those requirements.

The guidance covers:

  • an explanation of the standardised due diligence set
  • the types of key issues and questions included
  • an explanation of the source of the supporting evidence

It is not part of the HNIP application guidance and is not required for an HNIP application.

 It can be downloaded from

The full suite of guidance for project developers and the supply chain can be found here: