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Best-practice guide for business action on Sustainable Development Goals

The study, co-authored by WWF Switzerland and Gold Standard details the common challenges and pitfalls that companies face today when looking to progress the SDG agenda. It also highlights the commercial benefits in accelerating action, such as long-term value in new markets and customer trust and loyalty. The SDGs promise significant economic rewards for companies that invest in delivering innovative  solutions and transformative change. According to a flagship report from the Business Commission, achieving the SDGs could create 380 million jobs and help unlock at least $12 trillion in opportunities for business by 2030. This favors businesses taking action over those taking a back seat. There are a growing number of tools available to help businesses assess and report their contributions toward the SDGs using shared indicators and metrics. Yet, it’s still early days and some businesses are falling prey to common pitfalls. This paper looks at key opportunities and challenges businesses have faced, lessons learned, and recommendations on how companies can enhance current practices and mitigate risk to deliver credible, meaningful contributions toward the SDGs. The report will be updated over time as new practices emerge to help businesses avoid risks of SDG “greenwashing”. It will also be supported by case studies to bring applications of the guidelines to life.

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