Bike share trial starts in Wolverhampton

The first “nextbikes” have arrived in Wolverhampton, ahead of the full 5000-bike roll-out across the West Midlands county, later this year. This trial run will precede the roll-out of the full fleet. This scheme is expected to support 50 new jobs as part of the cycle hire scheme. The WMCA states that this is part of their strategy to get people more active as part of an integrated transport system, reducing congestion and air pollution. The health benefits of cycling are numerous and this has played a key factor in the proposals. The WMCA reports that when up and running, bike hire will be available from as little as 8p per day.

This scheme is hoped to reflect the success of the bike hire scheme so popular in London, replicating it in the West Midlands conurbation.

You can view the full story from the West Midlands Combined Authority here.