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Birmingham 2040: The Ban on New Petrol and Diesel Engines, Electric Vehicles and Robotics

John Bryson has penned a new blog in response to the announcement of the 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel engines: ”In 1971 Sir Peter Hall speculated about London and the year 2000. Forecasting futures will always result in failure, but perhaps there are some ‘knowns’ about what Birmingham will look like in 2040 and many unknowns. One ‘known’ is that forecasting the future is impossible. Nevertheless, it is worth considering some of the challenges and innovations that will transform Birmingham over the next 23 years. It is worth noting that Birmingham has entered a golden decade, according to Birmingham City Council’s 2017-2020 vision and priorities document, which culminates with the arrival of High Speed Two in 2026. It will be interesting to look back in 2026 on the last ten years and reflect on the ‘golden decade’, but this is a task for the future. In this analysis, I draw upon three on-going research projects funded by RCUK (iBUILDUrban Living Birmingham and Transforming Birmingham). ” Full article can be viewed here.

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