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Birmingham City Council consult on new waste strategy

Over the last 18 months Birmingham City Council has worked with citizens and other partners around the city to develop a vision for how Birmingham deals with its waste. In this vision we, the city council, see waste as a valuable resource so we want to find ways of throwing away as little waste as possible. We will make this happen by developing plans that meet the needs of the people who live in Birmingham (which could be different dependent on where you live). And everyone will need to play their part if the city is to share the environmental, economic and social benefits of viewing waste as a resource. Birmingham City Council is now consulting on the aims and ambitions that will be part of a strategy for changing the way in which we view waste – to one where we see it as an asset, something that creates value for Birmingham not just economically, but socially and environmentally too. The responses to the public consultation being carried out over the four weeks from 29 June 2016 – 31 July 2016 will help shape an options appraisal (based on the feedback we receive to this consultation) that will then allow us to update the city’s Waste Strategy in autumn 2016. It is therefore important that anyone with an interest in the topic has their say. As well as a survey, there will be a range of other ways to have a say including an online webchat and citizens’ panel, all of which will be widely publicised during the consultation period. It is important to understand whether or not you agree with these aims and ambitions and which of these matters most to you. The first part of this document sets out the reasons why we need to change our approach, while the second part outlines the aims and ambitions we want your feedback on.

Why We Are Consulting

We live in a changing world and how we manage our waste into the future needs to change to reflect a wider environmental, social and economic landscape. This consultation represents the first stage of a journey towards a new waste strategy for Birmingham. And over the coming months we will continue to engage with individuals, local communities, businesses and organisations based in Birmingham to ensure that we have the right plans in place and that the key messages from the strategy are heard across the city. You can access the strategy, documentation and survey here.

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