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Birmingham’s Public Transport is getting a make-over!

Blue trams, red buses and orange trains are all set to become a part of the new identity of Transport for West Midlands, the mayor has announced. After unveiling one of the brand new blue trams in Birmingham earlier this month, Mayor Andy Street has revealed plans for other modes of transport to follow suit. Trains, cycles and buses will all be given the same logo over the next few years, each with their own specific colour in the centre. The chosen logo is similar to that of the West Midlands Combined Authority, and features a hexagon with a colour in its centre. Trains will be orange, as seen at Snow Hill station, the metro will be blue, cycles green and buses red. It’s all part of a plan to give Transport for West Midlands its own identity in time for seminal events such as the City of Culture and Commonwealth Games, in much the same way that Transport for London has done. Costs for the rebranding of trains will be met by the train companies themselves, while an agreement has yet to be met with the bus companies. A smart solution has been worked out with the rebranding of bus stops and tram stations, though, which will be updated in line with general maintenance works. Dudley bus station will be the first to benefit from this over the coming months. And the work has been started now, the mayor says, as several opportunities lined up to allow it to be done at a reasonable cost in time for the Commonwealth Games and City of Culture. But he says that, long term, it’s about creating an identity that will last for decades.

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