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Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre – Now Open!

The Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) is a new research Centre based at the University of Wolverhampton. We assist Black Country SMEs with all aspects of Brownfield development, including but not limited to ground remediation, Soil Scanning, sampling, GIS and BIM using our resources and academic staff here at the University. The service is free of charge to SMEs who are based in the black country and is designed to make Brownfield a viable, sustainable option for re-development. The Innovation Centre are offering a range of services aimed at solving the issues that come with Brownfield sites. The services included are as follows:

  • Soil scanning – Using state of the art XRF, XRD and Electron Microscope equipment, BRIC are able to provide an accurate assessment of contaminants present in the soil.
  • Soil analysis and remediation techniques – Academic professionals collect and analyse your material samples, providing robust information and innovative remediation techniques to overcome the challenges you face.
  • Building scanning – Using state of the art equipment, BRIC will assist you in mapping spaces both within and outside of the existing building structure.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Using GIS, the Innovation Centre identify site suitability and provide specific spatial or geographic data.
  • Water Contamination, Odour and Control – BRIC will work with you to collate exploratory data and the best way to use this to address issues on your site.

If you have any Brownfield related challenges, be it contaminated land issues, refurbishment of existing structures, Listed Buildings, or simply difficulties with planning applications, please get in touch and we will do whatever we can to help you. To contact or to get more information on the Brownfield Research Innovation Centre, please visit their website or email BRIC@wlv.ac.uk

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