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Call For City Projects: Present your project at the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference

Application to showcase city project in EU ETS Innovation Fund session during the Urban Future Global Conference

If your city is planning, developing, testing or implementing one of these technologies: green hydrogen, geothermalenergy storage, smart grid, decentralised energy, artificial intelligence, energy management in buildings and/or substituting energy-intensive materials through harvested wood products in buildings… then looking for you!

Your project:

  • is highly innovative
  • has the potential to contribute to GHG emissions reduction
  • is scalable and has the potential to unleash further low-carbon investments
  • is mature enough in terms of planning, business model, financial and legal structure
  • is at an advanced technology readiness level
  • is cost-efficient

…yet looking for additional funding? Then read more and submit your application using the link below.

The deadline is Monday, 9 March 2020 – Apply here

Take the stage at the Urban Future Global Conference

The initial aim of the call is to select 3-4 cities that will be invited to present their projects at the Urban Future Global Conference held from 1-3 April 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal during a workshop dedicated to the EU ETS Innovation Fund led by EIT Climate-KIC and the European Commission. Presenters will be selected based on the best match to the purpose of the fund.

The Fund is a new EU funding programme with the potential for €10 billion to be invested by 2030, tangibly supporting the vision for climate-neutral Europe by 2050. In addition to those selected to present, we have a limited number of workshop places for cities that are planning, developing, testing or implementing these technologies. Please register your interest to secure a place. The session will provide space to learn more about financing projects that are meeting the above criteria but requiring additional financial support in order to reach the market with a competitive advantage and viability. If you have any questions on the call, please do not hesitate to reach out to Viera Mockerova (Viera.Mockerova@climate-kic.org) or Joanna Kiernicka-Allavena (Joanna.Kiernicka-Allavena@climate-kic.org).

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