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Cenex review supports Severn Trent’s electric vehicle ambition

Severn Trent has taken a step closer to its electric vehicle ambition, thanks to a comprehensive fleet review by Cenex.

Key findings

The water and waste company has pledged to have an entire fleet of electric vehicles by 2030 – a move that’s been backed by Cenex, who confirmed replacing its fleet of diesel vehicles will bring a major boost to the environment. The review identified a 52,000 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and 80,000 kg of NOx when Severn Trent completes the transition to a fleet of low emission vehicles. Where electric battery-operated vehicles are not suitable for some of its fleet for operational reasons, Cenex found biomethane-powered vehicles presented a viable short-term solution. Other key findings identified where charging points will be required in order to support this transition, including depots and employee’s homes, as well as highlighting potential sites where dedicated natural gas refuelling stations could be installed. Severn Trent’s electric vehicle ambition forms part of its triple carbon pledge, which will also see it achieve carbon neutrality and use 100% renewable energy by 2030, well ahead of the UK Government’s own 2050 target.

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