Climate Adaptation and Business Resilience

West Midlands businesses are being encouraged to think about how they could potentially be impacted by extreme weather events and climate change. 

Climate Adaptation and Business Resilience

Sustainability West Midlands is encouraging businesses to think about how they could potentially be affected by severe weather events and the impacts of climate change. The climate is changing, and businesses need to develop robust continuity plans to respond to severe weather events.

What are the effects of a changing climate likely to be?

UK Climate Projections have forecasted that across the UK changes in climate will include more frequent and severe flooding, hotter and drier summers, and increased severity of storms and wind.

Why are the weather and climate relevant to my business?

The West Midlands has experienced a number of severe weather events over the last ten years, many of which have had a major impact on the local business community. Preparing for a changing climate makes good business sense and experience in the West Midlands has shown that extreme weather could have serious consequences for business operations: not just for premises and staff, but also by disrupting your suppliers, distribution networks or customers.

What can businesses do to prepare?

Businesses need to think about the potential impact that climate change and severe weather events can have on their business and develop robust business continuity plans.  Areas to consider include:

  • Insurance
  • Premises
  • People
  • Information technology and security of data
  • Suppliers, logistics and delivery
  • Products, processes, stock and raw materials


Where can I go for help?

Visit the Sustainability West Midlands Climate Adaptation Partnership webpage for a number of free resources available to help businesses prepare for the impacts of climate change.

More information

If you would like to know more information about our climate adaptation projects, please contact Sian Thomas.