Climate emergencies and net zero targets: how SWM can support you

After months of heightened media engagement around climate change and the need to make urgent reductions in emissions and preparations to adapt to the changes, we are encouraged that many organisations, especially local authorities, have recently declared climate emergencies alongside setting ambitious net zero carbon targets.

Of course, we are aware and concerned that such declarations are all very well on paper, but often resources to actually deliver activities to respond to and achieve these targets are not forthcoming.

The good news is that SWM has been working with local authorities since its inception in 2002 and has run the West Midlands Public Sector Sustainability and Energy Network since 2009. Along with our in-house experience, we are in a strong position to support local authorities, and other public sector authorities such as NHS Trusts and universities, with their climate emergency declarations and achieving net zero targets. How can you turn these ambitions into actions and projects to affect change?

We can support your authority in many different ways, now outlined in our new support offer.

Download it here

You can also view our case studies on how we’ve already supported authorities and our portfolio of other work.