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Committee calls for suggestions on future programme

The Environmental Audit Committee calls for evidence to hear directly from stakeholders on its future programme of work, offering experts across the environmental sector the opportunity to shape the remit of inquiries during this Parliament. The move follows the Liaison Committee’s recommendations in the 2017 Parliament for Committees to engage their stakeholders as they identify new areas of work to scrutinise. The Committee has identified several topics which it may choose to focus on during the first year of this Parliament:

  • Energy efficiency of existing homes
  • Nature based solutions to climate change
  • Local authorities and net zero
  • Follow up on progress since 2018 Green Finance inquiry
  • Community energy
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Sustainability of crop management
  • Carbon labelling

Short written submissions are invited to aid the Committee in prioritising its programme of work. These should be submitted via the Committee’s website by 5pm on Thursday 9 April.

Submissions should focus on the following:

  • What are the key issues that the Committee should consider under a particular inquiry topic?
  • How effective is government policy in the policy area covered by each inquiry?
  • Why should the Committee consider a particular inquiry as a priority

Submissions can relate to any of the proposed inquiry topics.

Once the Committee has identified which inquiry it wishes to focus on first, a further call for evidence will be issued to invite more detailed submissions from stakeholders on the chosen topic. More information click here

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