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Community Champions for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

As we step up our preparations to host the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, we’re on the hunt for 22 community champions who represent the heart of their neighbourhood. With the Games fast approaching, this is an opportunity for Birmingham City Council to work closer with communities and together, create a stronger, thriving city.

Who are community champions?

We’re looking for local, unsung heroes from across the city. From helping a neighbour in need or coaching a local sports team, to carrying out an exceptional act of bravery. Charity workers to volunteers and litter pickers – we want to celebrate the people who form the beating heart of this city.

What is the role of a community champion?

The role of community champions will be to inform, excite and identify opportunities for their community to get involved over the next two years and celebrate the biggest sporting and cultural event to be hosted by the city. Champions will bring together local people to learn about the Games, build enthusiasm and break down barriers. Community champions will also perform a liaison role, working with the city council to act as the eyes and ears of communities so your council representatives hear and understand how people are feeling on the journey to 2022. They should have powerful stories to tell about their passion for their neighbourhood and the city.

How do I nominate a community champion?

Think you know someone who fits the bill? Nominations can be made by members of the public who know someone in their local area who deserves celebrating. Alternatively, if you are our unsung hero, you can nominate yourself. Please complete the form below to make a nomination. Or visit one of the following libraries to complete a form and post your entry in the ballot box provided. Please note, if you or your nominee is under the age of 16, you/they must have parental or guardian permission. For more information and to apply click here

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