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Contented are Working Towards a Target Operating Model for Sustainable Learning Organisations

Contented are running a series of private learning events where leaders can share and explore solutions to the challenges they face. They’re working with Rail Alliance, Birmingham Centre for Rail Research & Excellence and Aston Business School. “Our project is engaging businesses across the transport value chain to discover stories of how they are responding at a human level – changing the way they think and relate.” “Our aim is to design a target operating model for a sustainable learning organisation. We are sampling international engineering and technology companies and reviewing a range of national approaches to developing rail transport and mobility.  Hydrogen and High-Speed trains are two emerging case studies.” “We observe a range of crisis responses – from avoidance to sector leadership – with many organisations failing to apply 10-year-old research on the human dimensions of low carbon technology for change.  We often hear ‘one crisis at a time’, while the stand-out takeaway is the importance of what scientists term ‘relational practice’.  We call it, ‘knowing someone’s mobile number’. “ “Some companies display creative thinking and seize the business opportunities for know-how that are opening up through ‘green growth’ initiatives around the world.  Others focus on survival, only to be distracted from other fast-approaching risks. There is evidence of thinking ‘locked-in’ to the past; directors hoping for a ‘return to normal’; and finance directors seemingly oblivious to the impact of responsibility for end-of-life care”

Get Involved

If you think your organisation could get involved please contact Gerard Davies at Contented. gerard.davies@contented.net

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