Defra – Green infrastructure: more green space for England’s towns and cities

Defra’s Landscape Strategy and Policy Team describe how the recently created Green Infrastructure Partnership will support the creation of more green space for England’s towns and cities, bringing the benefits of connecting with nature to more people and meeting a key commitment of the Natural Environment White Paper.

Sustainability West Midlands are working with the Environment Agency and others to see if there is potential in setting up an equivalent body in the West Midlands to drive our sustainability priority around environmental infrastructure.

The Landscape Strategy and Policy Team notes can be found below:

One of the main ambitions of the Government’s Natural Environment White Paper is to strengthen the connections between people and nature. Everyone should have fair access to a good-quality natural environment, to connect with nature and enjoy its benefits.

The White Paper also seeks to support natural systems to function more effectively in town and country, creating an ecological network resilient to changing pressures. Through joined-up action at the local and national levels, these ambitions can stand alongside that for a green and growing economy.

One of the most important ways to help turn these ambitions into reality is through the development of green infrastructure: generating more green space in England’s towns and cities. Green infrastructure is a planned network of green spaces and other environmental features, including street trees, gardens, green roofs, community forests, parks, rivers, canals and wetlands.

More information on this can be found on the Defra website.