District Heat Networks in the UK: Potential, Barriers and Opportunities

The ‘District Heat Networks in the UK: Potential, Barriers and Opportunities’ report, written by SWM members Energy Systems Catapult, identifies three high cost areas that present a barrier to heat network adoption in the UK, including pipework, installation and connection. As capital costs are the main barrier to district heat network deployment, there is a belief that the ability to reduce these capital costs by utilising the eight route maps identified in this report will increase the attractiveness of heat networks when compared against other forms of low carbon heat provision.

Project research shows that nearly half of heat demand in the country could be met by heat networks and therefore should play a much larger part in the UK’s heat delivery system in 2050, especially to less efficient and higher density buildings. However, the sector needs to be mobilised quickly because if it is to meet this potential, then hundreds of thousands of network connections are needed per year.

The report can be accessed here.