EBRI’s Sustainability Health Check Support – Get Involved!

More and more customers want to buy from suppliers with sustainability at the heart of their business.

EBRI are offering bespoke one-to-one health checks to help your business:

  • Get to grips with your sustainability goals.
  • Solve energy, waste and environmental challenges.
  • Use innovation to get the best out of your company resources.
  • Get knowledge to enter new green markets.

Their health checks can help you discover ways to:

  • Reuse, recycle or reduce your waste.
  • Meet your customer and investor demands to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
  • Develop new, innovative, low carbon goods and services from waste.
  • Link into the ever expanding green industry supply chains, such as energy-from-waste, energy systems and bioproducts.
  • Enhance your energy systems.

Get Involved

Click here for more information. Alternatively, to book call the EBRI team at 0121 204 3383, or email bioenergy@aston.ac.uk

There is no charge for eligible businesses to take up this offer.