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Eco-Friendly Future Flight?

Researchers from the Institute for STEMM in Culture & Society (ISTEMMiCS) at the University of Birmingham are working on a large project investigating the social implications of next-generation aviation technologies, in partnership with UKRI.

Promotional narratives from the aviation innovation sector are emphasising how a focus on electric battery-powered or hydrogen-powered flight could represent a new, sustainable step forward in UK domestic aviation.

Dr Caroline McCalman, leading on the ‘Engaging Concerned Communities’ project strand, is looking for individuals and organisations with environmental and ecological remits to comment on whether the proposed technologies could or should be a part of a future-oriented, decarbonised, freight/transport system.

Interested parties are invited to contact Dr McCalman at c.e.mccalman@bham.ac.uk to discuss how they may be able to participate in the project and contribute to the research.


More information about the Future Flight Challenge

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