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Electric vehicles – Opportunity for rural businesses

Warwickshire County Council has announced a new pilot project ‘Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles’ (WREV) designed to encourage rural businesses to examine the options for adopting electric vehicles (EVs) in their businesses in an effort to counter increasing fossil fuel costs, to improve the carbon footprint of the rural business, and to stimulate rural business development.  

20 rural Warwickshire businesses are able to access a free feasibility study which will assess the practical and economic options of using electric vehicles (cars or vans) as part of a rural business’s activity. 10 rural businesses will be selected across a range of sectors who will be provided with a financial incentive package towards a minimum of a 2-year lease cost of an electric vehicle (EV) and an EV charge point to be installed on their business premises.  

The Warwickshire Rural Growth Network Fund will  support businesses in rural Warwickshire to examine the case for electric vehicles in their businesses through; 

  • a free feasibility study providing financial, technical and infrastructure cost analysis of electric vehicles
  • selected businesses will be given a grant towards the lease cost of an electric vehicle


For more information or to register your interest please email transport@greenwatt.co.uk. 

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