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ELP2 – FREE environmental leadership programme for 18-25 year olds across the West Midlands!

The West Midlands Environmental Leadership Programme2 (ELP2) is powered by UpRising and Shropshire Wildlife Trust and it is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.
What is ELP2?

ELP2 is a free, 9 month programme, designed to support 100 young people/ year for the next four years, aged 18-25 from underrepresented and underserved communities across the West Midlands in order to:

  • Strengthen their connection to nature, 
  • Deepen their understanding of what drives pro environmental behaviour change, 
  • Enable them to develop and implement nature-focused campaigns in their local communities.

Research by Shropshire Wildlife Trust found that 65% of young people aged 18-24 were extremely concerned about climate change, 78% would like to do more to tackle it and yet only 18% currently campaign about it.

Thanks to National Lottery Players, UpRising’s expertise in engaging underrepresented youth will be combined with Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s experience in outdoor learning and nature connection to deliver the programme and allow more young people the opportunity to be part of the change that they would like to see in the world around them.

This innovative initiative is designed to support 4 cohorts of 100 young people aged 18-25 from underrepresented and underserved communities across the West Midlands. It aims to strengthen young people’s connection to nature, deepen their understanding of what drives environmental behaviour change, and enable them to develop and implement nature-focused campaigns in their local communities.

The programme will be free and have a blended learning approach to accommodate participants’ busy schedules.

By the end of the programme, a 400 strong cohort of graduates from the programme will have developed their knowledge, networks, skills and confidence they need to become the next green leaders!

Information about how to get involved is available on a new website dedicated to the programme, visit www.elp2.uk 

Amira Ismail, Birmingham-based Trustee of UpRising and programme alumna said: “We’re thrilled to have led this bid and to be shaping this programme with our partners at Shropshire Wildlife Trust. With the lack of diversity in the environmental profession – both in terms of class and ethnicity – it’s never been more important for the young people UpRising supports to have meaningful opportunities to develop their leadership skills. With the ELP’s focus on nature connection, our young leaders will be at the forefront of driving change in the future.

Thanks to National Lottery players, we will be able to work with SWT to support young people across the West Midlands, co-creating a programme that will make a big difference to young people’s lives, their communities, and their planet.”

Helen Trotman, Head of People of Wildlife at Shropshire Wildlife Trust said: “We are delighted to be working with UpRising to embed natured connectedness in the Environmental Leadership Programme. We know that nature benefits people’s mental and physical health and a better connection with nature empowers people to do more for our environment.”

Thanks to National Lottery players, The National Lottery Community Fund will distribute at least £4 billion by 2030, supporting activities that create resilient communities that are more inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

Nick Gardner, Head of Climate Action at The National Lottery Community Fund: “Thanks to National Lottery players, we’re delighted to be able to support the delivery of the Environmental Leadership Programme 2.0, and welcome UpRising and Shropshire Wildlife Trust to our Climate Action Fund network.

“Our new strategy set our focus on four key missions: to support communities to come together, be environmentally sustainable, help children and young people thrive and enable people to live healthier lives.

“This funding illustrates perfectly how a project can work across all of these missions at once; it will help engage more young people with local climate action, helping them to make a difference in communities across the West Midlands.”

ELP2 powered by: UpRising, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund

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