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Encraft and SWM announce 2015 joint events programme

SWM member, Encraft, has formed a partnership with SWM to deliver its annual programme of conferences and seminars. Alongside their core business as specialist low carbon consulting engineers,  Encraft have been delivering distinctive and valued technical education, continued professional development seminars and events for construction professionals, energy companies, local authority planners, community groups and asset managers. The partnership with SWM is intended to make these events available to a wider audience. Their events have always been distinctive and valued because they provide an efficient and practical way for industry professionals and potential developers of local energy projects to get a briefing on new technologies, approaches and market opportunities, led for and by hands-on practitioners. So keep an eye out for the 2015 programme which will cover a range of current topics including; ‘how to justify zero carbon building specifications’; new opportunities from Allowable Solutions; an update on smart grids; and workshops on hands-on skills for managing airtightness in construction.

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