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Energy Bill decarbonisation target narrowly defeated


A bid to include a target to decarbonise the UK’s electricity generation by 2030 was narrowly defeated by 290 votes to 267 in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon.


The amendment to the energy bill was seen as a means of stimulating investment in renewables and low-carbon energy. Under the amendment, electricity generators would have had to use more renewables, carbon capture and storage and nuclear power to reduce their carbon production to almost zero by 2030. The measure had the backing of many businesses, green campaigners and industry associations.


The amendment to the energy bill was proposed by the former Tory minister Tim Yeo who said “The commons has missed an opportunity to provide more clarity for investors on the future direction of energy policy. Unfortunately this could mean that urgently needed investment in our energy infrastructure will be slower and the risk of a capacity crisis [including electricity shortages] greater. The continuing uncertainty that will result increases the perceived risk of investment and will therefore raise capital costs, meaning that consumers may ultimately pay more for the new power plants that need to be built.”


The energy bill will now move to the House of Lords, where there will be a further chance to bring forward a decarbonisation target.


Source: The Guardian

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