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Energy Efficiency Policy Shakeup

A report from think tank policy exchange has said there is a potential £1.3 billion saving for UK businesses each year through a energy efficiency policy shakeup. There are calls for a new approach to encourage investment in business energy efficiency, with suggestions that business rates should be linked with Energy Performance Certificates. A new Energy Efficiency Delivery Unit (EEDU) could help to bridge the gap between viable projects and available capital. Businesses and public sector organisations currently spend the equivalent of nearly 5% of GDP (£22bn) on energy every year but too many organisations still aren’t investing enough in energy efficiency. The report also suggest that the government should extend the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) to cover public sector institutions such as the NHS and defense and education where the energy saving potential is large and cost effective. The report has been supported by the UK’s utility company Centrica, with their head of energy policy development Nick Park saying: “By gaining a better understanding of their energy use, businesses large and small can save money, improve operational performance and become more resilient. Improving energy efficiency provides a golden opportunity for businesses and the public sector to improve productivity and unlock future growth opportunities.” For further information click here.

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