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Energy Hub: Toolkits

Research Projects

Each of the five regional Energy Hubs is leading on a national energy project to produce a set of toolkits of good practice, information and resources for use by LEPs, local authorities and other local energy project developers. Mapping energy and utilities infrastructure for regional spatial planning – Greater South East Energy Hub

An investigation of the current approaches to spatial mapping of energy assets, infrastructure and data. This includes a consultation with the other Energy Hubs and related stakeholders to discuss how a national approach for energy mapping might be beneficial and how it should be designed and delivered. A proposal will be developed for a national platform for regional energy mapping that all five Energy Hubs can use.

Establishing public-private joint ventures and partnerships for investment in and delivery of energy schemes – Midlands Energy Hub

Difficulty in obtaining finance and investment is a common barrier that prevents the progress of local energy projects. This is an introductory guide for local enterprise partnerships and local authorities to the opportunities for collaborative investment. Download guide

Local energy best practice guide – South West Energy Hub

This is a suite of high-level guidance, designed for local authorities with less experience of the local energy sector. The suite includes a local energy guide (with executive summary) which sets out the current context and explains the role of the Local Energy Hubs. Also available is a guide to local authority energy procurement. Finally, there is a full step-by-step guide, which explains how local authorities or community energy groups can develop a local energy project.

Managing investment and delivery of energy and renewables schemes – Local Energy North West

A review of the information available on the delivery of energy and renewables schemes across England, and the related policy and funding context. This will be used to map out and signpost relevant reports, data and sources of further information. It is intended to inform the five regional Energy Hubs and their local enterprise partnership and local authority members, and ensure all are kept up to date with the latest developments in the sector. This toolkit will be posted when ready. Contact

Land value factors for rural and urban fringe renewable-energy schemes – Local Energy Yorkshire, Humber and North East

A review of the current financial and regulatory environment for rural and urban fringe renewable-energy projects. This will include an analysis of current taxation and subsidy schemes, a review of land-value factors accounted for in project appraisals, and an assessment of current UK approaches to project delivery and exemplar business models. Possible sites for pilot projects will also be highlighted. This toolkit will be posted when ready. Contact

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