Energy Systems Catapult: Digitalisation for Net Zero report

As part of the Innovating to Net Zero programme, Energy Systems Catapult has carried out a number of deep dives into the technologies potentially needed to achieve our 2050 emissions targets – such as nuclear, storage and flexibility.

Key messages

  • The complexity and scale of integrating the multiple technologies and solutions needed to meet Net Zero will not be possible without the digitalisation of the energy system. 
  • Without data sharing and digitalisation, effective system planning and operation with growing variable renewables generation and greater distributed technology – whether on a national or regional level – is near impossible.
  • Better data will be central to this more digitalised energy systemhelping to inform decisions.
  • Data is key to optimising decisions for the lowest carbon and lowest cost to consumers.
  • This report also introduces its new Digital Energy Fitness assessment being developed, which provides a comprehensive framework for measuring digital readiness akin to technology readiness levels. 
  • The topics covered in this report show there are many opportunities for digitalisation to improve the functioning of the current energy system and enable the solutions which will help meet the Net Zero target.


To read the full report, click here.