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EU Funding Opportunity: KIC InnoEnergy

KIC InnoEnergy is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Community set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Their Call for Innovative Projects is out and the deadline is on 20 November 2014. The InnoEnergy funding supports development of projects that aim at finalising a product or service and their successful introduction to the market. The project proposals are encouraged in the following thematic areas (InnoEnergy Roadmaps)

  • Energy from Chemical Fuels
  • Clean Coal and Gas Technologies
  • Renewable Energies
  • Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Energy Convergence
  • Smart Grids and Storage
  • Smart and Intelligent Buildings and Cities

KIC InnoEnergy Innovation projects should be focused on transforming sustainable energy related business ideas into a fully-marketable product or service, thus making a positive impact on the market and on society. The applicants should ensure that in their projects they created conditions for:

  • Collaboration and partnership working that supports open innovation.
  • Receiving KIC InnoEnergy funding that hedges the risk of project partners’ investment.
  • Inclusion of key players in the thematic field
  • Clear IP rules and other business support mechanisms.
  • A flexible, professional, business-oriented management programme.
  • A unique European programme supporting the last stage of the go-to-market process for innovative products and services.

The funding is available to international consortia formed by 3-7 European organisations that include both industry and research institutions. The commercial company must be part of the project consortium The Innovation projects should aim at:

  • Decreasing energy costs
  • Increasing security in relation to resource holders
  • Increasing intrinsic operational safety or reliability
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The application should demonstrate a proven feasibility and a convincing business opportunity; product or service should be at min TRL4; an application should be focused on product, market and customer. For more information please contact Joanna Fletcher at j.fletcher@aston.ac.uk


CIP14-2 General Document CIP14-2 Annex 3 – Call for Innovation 2014 Project proposal templateCIP14-2 Annex 4 – BudgetCIP14-2 Annex 5 – Project Planning Template

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