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European Solar Prize 2016 is open for entries

The European Solar Prize is given to make pioneers and leaders the focus of public attention and to give fresh impetus to a renewable energy-based and decentralized energy turnaround. It honors outstanding and innovative projects and initiatives from all parts of society. Applications and nominations may be submitted until 31 May 2016. The call for entries is launched in the following categories:

a) Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities
b) Solar architecture and urban planning
c) Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
d) Local or regional associations/organizations
e) Owners or operators of renewable energy installations
f) Transport and mobility
g) Media
h) Education and vocational training
i) One world cooperation
j) Special achievement prize for individual commitment

A description of the prize categories, entry form and guidance for applicants can be found on Eurosolar’s website.  

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