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Forging Our Future: Industrial Strategies So Far

The Industrial Strategies have endeavoured to ensure that the entire country has been part of UK growth, promoting regional development and economic improvement. The Prime Minister has emphasised the importance of moving investment away from solely London and the South East. Industrial Strategy at a glance:

  • £45bn already committed across the UK through the Industrial Strategy
  • 78,000 smaller UK businesses boosted by the British Business Bank
  • 5% increase in private sector expenditure on research and development
  • 76,000 new jobs created by foreign direct investment
  • £7bn record increase in public spend on research and development
  • #1 fastest growing infrastructure investment of the 7 largest advanced economies in the world

The UK Government has committed to tackling 4 Grand Challenges

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data – Putting the UK at the forefront of the AI and data revolution, especially in relation to tackling public health crises
  • Clean Growth – Maximising the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth, investing in the green economy, and regulating energy consumption of new buildings
  • Future of Mobility – Endeavouring to become a world leader in the way people, goods and services move, including regulating emissions of vehicles for the future
  • Ageing Society – Harnessing the power of innovation to help meet the needs of an ageing society, helping to improve life expectancy

To view the full publications from the UK Government, click here.

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