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Free efficiency trials available with Window Insulation Ltd

SWM members Window Insulation Ltd are looking for non-domestic buildings to pilot some of their products.

The products to be trialled are essentially liquid coatings which enhance the efficiency of windows, the efficiency of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, and the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and battery equipment.

Window Insulation Ltd have been working with Nottingham Trent University to test the PV and HVAC products in the lab, and now wants to move to trialling them in the field. As such, they are offering to install these products for free in non-domestic buildings.

Ideal candidates for this trial would be:

  • SMEs with solar panels and/or HVAC kit where they can monitor the equipment
  • Solar panels will be roof or ground mounted.
  • Ideally there will be multiple HVAC units.

Window Insulation would clean all solar panels, and coat 50% to monitor performance against a control. For HVAC, again they would coat 50% of the units, to monitor performance against a control, over both winter and summer.

If you are interested, please email Daniel Thompson at Window Insulation Ltd directly: daniel.thompson@window-insulation.com.

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