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Free Sounding Board Sessions with Neo

Book a free Sounding Board Session with Neo to begin exploring the true potential of your identity, culture and strategy.

Interested in exploring how you can make your organisation’s brand a more effective tool for driving sustainability?

Do you have a brand, strategy or team culture challenge that would benefit from expert, independent viewpoint?

Purpose-driven brand and culture consultancy Neo, will be offering free sounding board sessions to members and friends of Sustainability West Midlands.

Example advice includes:

  • How to galvanise your team, stakeholders, customers and partners around a shared purpose and goals
  • How to maximise your brand identity to help you achieve your sustainability goals
  • How to solve internal culture challenges by reconnecting your people with your unique values and commitments
  • How to use brand and culture as tools for sustainable business success
  • How to develop a deeper understanding of what’s needed to overcome barriers to positive change

Initial sessions are 30 minutes each, which may be followed up with an additional free session of up to 90 minutes.

If you would like more information, please contact: hello@weareneo.com

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