Funding opportunity: Horizon 2020 Batteries Funding Calls

There are several Horizon 2020 projects currently open relating to the development of battery technologies. A webinar is taking place on Wednesday 6 February summing up these calls and how you can apply. This KTN webpage provides a summary of the calls and the webinar. A summary of the calls is below:

LC-BAT-1-2019 Strongly improved, highly performant and safe all solid state batteries for electric vehicles

LC-BAT-2-2019 Strengthening EU materials technologies for non-automotive battery storage

LC-BAT-3-2019 Modelling and simulation for Redox Flow Battery development

LC-BAT-4-2019 Advanced Redox Flow Batteries for stationary energy storage

LC-BAT-5-2019 Research and innovation for advanced Li-ion cells (generation 3b)

LC-BAT-6-2019 Li-ion Cell Materials & Transport Modelling

LC-BAT-7-2019 Network of Li-ion cell pilot lines