Funding Opportunity: Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme

The Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) Programme is a competitive grant funding programme in 2 phases, which aims to:

  • Increase industry confidence to invest in technologies to recover heat from industrial processes
  • Increase the deployment of such technologies in England and Wales

Phase 1 supports Concept and Definition activities, providing grant funding for:

  • Feasibility study and Preliminary Engineering; or
  • Preliminary Engineering only (for applicants who have already undertaken a feasibility study independent of the IHRS)

Phase 2 supports implementation activities including detailed design, construction, commissioning, operation start up, and post project evaluation by providing grant funding.

The IHRS programme’s total funding is £18 million:

  • £12 million designated Capital Expenditure
  • £6 million designated Programme Expenditure

All grant funding will be provided in line with State Aid rules.

Applications are now open.

For applications and guidance, click here.