Green Deal assessments received well by households

The majority of households that have sought advice through the Green Deal on how to make energy efficiency improvements to their home have found the process helpful, a new Government survey suggests.

New research from the Department of Energy and Climate Change which has struggled to get off the ground is nevertheless encouraging people to install energy efficiency improvements even if they are not using the Green Deal to finance those upgrades.

The survey of 500 householders found that of those that have had a Green Deal assessment, 81 per cent of them were in the process of or intend to install at least one energy efficiency improvement. In addition 78% of those surveyed said the Green Deal was “highly useful” and 82 per cent said they had confidence in the recommendations made by their assessor.

Energy secretary Ed Davey responded to the survey by saying: “it’s clear that Green Deal assessments are helping people to make their homes more energy efficient. This is hugely encouraging and exactly what the Green Deal is designed to do.”

Despite the positive feedback reported by the DECC survey, much criticism of the scheme has been made, as latest official statistics show that by August just one Green Deal Plan had gone ‘live’ despite nearly 60,000 assessments being lodged since the scheme launched. 

However, the government are standing by the scheme, arguing that it is still early days and the results from this latest research really underline that people want to take action to make their homes warmer and more efficient.

Source: Greenwise