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Green energy in Parliament

The Secretary of State (Energy and Climate Change) announced the annual energy statement setting out 32 actions of coalition energy and climate change policy. Features of the statement included:

  • The green deal – to be driven by entrepreneurs, the private sector, local communities, individuals, businesses, scientists and engineers – not by government. The green deal will reform finance for improving the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes.
  • A comprehensive review of the electricity market – a consultation document will be issued in the autumn.
  • A commitment that new nuclear energy can go ahead so long as there is no public subsidy.
  • A commitment to overcome the challenges in harnessing renewable energy resources.
  • That the government will consult on a new microgeneration strategy.
  • The Secretary of State also laid an order to allow local authorities to sell renewable electricity to the grid.


Discussing zero-carbon homes, the Minister (CLG) announced some steps on the route to achieving zero-carbon homes by 2016. He confirmed the:

  • Introduction of a minimum standard for fabric energy efficiency based on that set out in the consultation on the Code for Sustainable Homes. The government will take this forward in the future revisions of part L of the building regulations.
  • Setting of a national benchmark carbon compliance standard in building regulations. The Minister noted that the government recognises the challenges posed by the 70 per cent level previously proposed, adding that the case for this will to be re-examined by the Zero-Carbon Hub to test what would be an appropriate level.

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