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Green Finance inquiry launched

The Environmental Audit Committee  launches a Green Finance inquiry to scrutinise the Government’s strategy to develop ‘world leading Green Finance capabilities’. The inquiry will examine various topics including:

  • The Clean Growth Strategy
  • If the Green Investment Group is fulfilling commitments made by its new owners
  • The UK’s future relationship with the European Investment Bank
  • Company reporting on climate liabilities
  • Whether the Government’s policies are likely to deliver the levels of investment needed to meet the UK’s national and international environmental commitments

The Committee is interested in how investment in longer-term sustainable development can be incentivised across the economy. The Committee are asking for written submissions of evidence by 12pm on 3 January 2018. The word limit is 3,000 words. Please send written submissions using the form on the inquiry page on the EAC site. Further information around each topic. 

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