Growing Places Fund, Round 8 open till 23/10/15

The Growing Places Fund is currently allocated to give £11.3m of investment in the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire area.

These funds are being used by companies investing in the future ready for the slowly emerging business demand in the regional, national and global markets.

Bidding for the funds is strictly limited within ‘bidding windows’ with the window for Round 8 being open between 3 August and 23 October 2015. Projects will be competitively appraised after the bidding window is closed, please see the Application Guidance Notes for more details. Successful projects will need to demonstrate that they will generate economic growth in a short space of time with the right infrastructure in place. They will need to show that they have a solid business case, are deliverable in a reasonably short timescale, will create jobs or housing and provide returns which can be reinvested locally by the LEP, in addition to attracting further private investment.

Further information or Application forms and Guidance notes for applicants can be found on the Growing Places Fund website.

If you have any initial questions, please email Eric Henderson or call 01785 277231.