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Growth through devolution

With combined authorities intended to be a key driver of local growth, should people, both in these regions and especially in areas without a combined authority, be clamouring for more action on devolution? 2017 saw the creation of the first new type of local authorities for more than 30 years as the next step on the devolution journey. England now has nine combined authorities, their primary aims are to improve local growth by working across conurbations and sub-regional areas, achieving more efficient investment and greater economies of scale in aspects such as transport networks. Out of the nine combined authorities, six have directly elected mayors who have power, budgets and responsibilities passed to them from central government in areas such as transport, social care, housing and policing. Now the six mayors of combined authorities have the opportunity to champion their areas, attracting investment and working with local partners. What will it take to ensure that the combine authority structures do succeed in driving local economic growth and achieving the public sector reforms needed to meet greater demands on services in the face of reduced central government funding? Full article on devolution. 

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