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Have your say on Energy Data Best Practice

Energy Systems Catapult is to develop a best practice guide for the handling of energy data encompassing a wide range views from across the sector. Commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), energy regulator Ofgem and Innovate UK, the Energy Data Best Practice Guide will provide specific descriptions of what is required from the sector together with more detailed guidance and examples to illustrate how the recommendations can be adopted and adhered to. Following the publication of the Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) report, developed by the Catapult, the recommendations have received significant support from across the energy and digital sectors including endorsement from both BEIS and Ofgem. There is now a need to implement the visionary principles proposed by the EDTF and provide practical guidance that enables industry to take the first steps in what is a transformational journey. In order to test and develop the guidance, the Catapult is seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders in order to build consensus around what represents data best practice. The Catapult will be convening a number of workshops to draw upon the collective experience from a range of experts and innovators across the energy, digital and other sectors. Many of the challenges faced in the energy sector are not domain specific so some of the concepts and solutions already implemented in other sectors and innovative organisations are likely to be transferable or useful examples of existing best practice. Below are details of each workshop will cover in order to help stakeholders identify which ones are likely to be most relevant to their skills and experience. The schedule for the upcoming workshops is as follows:

  • 4th December 2019 (London) – Topic TBC
  • 6th December 2019 (Birmingham) – Topic TBC

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