Heat contract templates: “Sales, Operations and Maintenance Set (SOMS)” – Have your say

Clean energy law firm, Lux Nova Partners, a member of the Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management, has drafted a suite of template heat contracts for use by anyone involved in a district heating scheme. We are undertaking a short, open consultation to take feedback from any interested stakeholders on drafts of the template contracts before launching “final” versions by the end of the year.  Whilst the work was commissioned by BEIS, the contracts are not endorsed in any way by BEIS. The template contracts will require tailoring to any particular project but they are intended to provide a useful and advanced starting point to contract creation and negotiation, with helpful drafting notes included.  The aim is that publication of template contracts will help to raise standards and reduce the costs associated with developing, or funding, district heating schemes.

We are seeking your views on set of contract template heat contracts agreed with BEIS, covering:

  • delivery of district heating infrastructure;
  • operation and maintenance of that infrastructure;
  • connection and adoption to heat networks;
  • energy off-take;
  • lease of energy centre/plant room and easement for pipes; and
  • use of heat pipes (unbundled pipe business)

Note: the suite of contracts does not cover project ownership or partnership models.

The template contracts and consultation questions can be found here

We would like to invite you to respond to the consultation by emailing your comments on the template contracts by 17th November 2019 to consult@luxnovapartners.com.

In providing your answers to questions or any other comments, please try to be as specific as possible and explain your answers as fully as possible so that we can take them into account.

As part of the consultation period, we will be hosting a webinar during which Lux Nova Partners will explain:

  • What the suite of contracts contains
  • The approach taken to drafting the contracts
  • How they are intended to be used

Participants will be encouraged to share views on the role they see for these documents and how they would like to see them evolve.

If you would like to register for the webinar please contact events.ecuity@tp-heatnetworks.org