How sustainable is your University?

Since 2007, People & Planet have been scoring universities using a set of criteria that investigates their environmental and ethical commitments and actions. Each criteria section adds up to 100% – a bit like a university exam. They refer to this as ‘the methodology’.

Over half the criteria is scored using data collected and made public by the Higher Education Statistics Agency or other public verified data sources (you can find out which by looking at the methodology – they publish the whole thing to be as transparent as possible). The rest is scored based on information made public by the university itself. Universities that do not make their environmental information public online aren’t likely to score very highly – if P&P can’t find the info, the uni will score zero.

To see the list, click here.

Well done to SWM members Aston (9th), Coventry (7th) and Keele (18th) Universities for all getting a first class rating!