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How the UK are performing on UN SDG Goals – A Report

The UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD), have recently published a report on the UK’s performance in meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While there’s an enormous amount to celebrate, the report shows that the most vulnerable people and places in our society are increasingly being left behind. As a result of this, UKSSD are calling for clear Government leadership, supported by cross-sector action from businesses, charities and individuals to ensure the UK achieves the SDGs as quickly as possible. Of the 143 targets, this report found that the UK is performing well on 24%, with 57% where there are gaps in policy coverage or performance is not adequate, and 15% where there is little to no policy in place to address the target or the performance is poor. The report is available for download here where you can continue to read about how the UK are performing in meeting Sustainable Development Goals.

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