HS2 Accelerator Programme

HS2 will be a world-class 21st-century railway service, embracing new technologies to ensure world-class levels of reliability, comfort and customer experience.

To deliver this they will drive innovation in the design and build, employing new technologies and techniques to improve productivity, innovating to do more with less and create fewer emissions and noise. They will build a legacy of knowledge, expertise and new commercial opportunities for the UK as we develop HS2.


  • Four months tailored business support
  •  Access to office space at Bruntwood SciTech Innovation Birmingham campus.
  • Tailored investment readiness programme, with support from experienced investment coaches
  • Roundtables and talks angels and VCs, introductions to investors, and pitch coaching
  • Funding advice from CPC experts, including CR&D and grant opportunities
  • Technical support and sprints, access to CPC and HS2 technical experts
  • Support from an Entrepreneur in Residence, and wider Bruntwood SciTech support networks /business activities
  • Business development opportunities and introductions to potential customers
  • Growth focus – business support, e.g. IP, marketing, HR, partnerships
  • Demo Day showcase event

Accelerator goals

  • Bespoke business support to 10 strong SME candidates
  • Support SMEs to secure investment and produce investment strategies
  • Focus on facilitating discussions that lead to commercial contracts, both UK and international
  • Support collaborative R&D – where appropriate/applicable
  • Two agile sprints and technical focused sessions to develop technologies and meet challenge requirements
  • Support the implementation of potential trials with HS2 and HS2 partners
  • Support development of FTEs

Challenge 1- The Circular Economy

The circular economy aims to keep resources in use and at their highest value for as long as possible. It aligns directly with HS2’s strategic goals to support sustained economic growth across the UK and to create an environmentally sustainable solution.

Challenge 2- Green Corridor

HS2 is committed to generating positive benefits on the nature along the route, by enhancing habitats and biodiversity whilst minimising our carbon footprint. HS2 will plant at least 7 million trees alongside its route to deliver on that commitment.

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Please note the deadline to apply is 17th July 2020.