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Hy-Met Limited participates at SIAT 2024 Automotive Conference in India

Hy-Met Limited are thrilled to share their success at the SIAT 2024 conference held in Pune, India. CEO, Dr. Nishal Ramadas, participated in this conference which highlighted the collaborative spirit driving the automotive technology sector.

Hy-Met Limited, is a deep-tech instrumentation start-up established in 2021 and operates out of Tyseley Energy Park at Birmingham, UK.

Hy-Met was part of the UK Future Mobility Trade Mission to Pune from 23 – 25 January, at the SIAT 2024.

CEO, Dr. Nishal Ramadas gave a video interview at the SIAT conference in Pune. Mr. Nishal Ramdas speaks about the vision of Hy-Met and the current development of a rapid battery inspection solution “HyLite”, an end-to-end technology stack that combines novel sensor/electronics hardware, and complementary advanced signal processing and edge analytics algorithm(s). This can perform 100% cell inspection for early material defects inline and instantaneously.

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The event was the perfect stage for Hy-Met to showcase HyLite – the rapid Li-ion battery health inspection solution. The Hy-Met team said:

“The conference was a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and discussions about the future of automotive technology. As pioneers in revolutionizing battery testing, the insights we gained were invaluable. We showcased our cutting-edge technology, received feedback and engaged in thought-provoking conversations that will shape our future strategies.”

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