Improving skills for offsite construction – Funding Opportunity

Offsite construction is a growing sector in the industry. To support this growth  industry needs to address its training requirements and ensure they are delivered to the quality required.

The fund has £500,000 to invest in projects that can easily be scaled up across Great Britain. The Construction Industry Training Board will fund up to 70% of the project cost. The applicant will have to supply 30% in matched funding.

This competition is open to any organisation who can best deliver the results CITB are looking for.

The desired outcome for industry is to achieve greater quality and consistency in the delivery of offsite construction training. This will apply across relevant apprenticeships, vocational qualifications and short courses.

Bids are invited for funds to improve learning materials and to up-skill trainers in offsite construction methods. The successful project will develop new teaching assets and enable the trainers to adopt and deliver them.

For more information and to apply for this competition, please visit the CITB website.