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Job Opportunity: Senior Business Development Manager – Low Carbon

Location: Birmingham, office based
Team: Inward Investment
Post Type:
Full Time
Release Date: 10 August 2023

The Inward Investment team of West Midlands Growth Company, promote the region as a location in which global organisations can invest, grow and thrive.

They are currently seeking a Senior Business Development Manager to promote the region’s Low Carbon sector nationally and internationally, attracting job-creating and transformative investment into the region.

You will support low carbon businesses set up in the West Midlands as well as supporting the growth of businesses already here. This role works actively with stakeholders across the West Midlands, developing and maintaining influencing technology, business landscape and policy.

The successful candidate will play an active role in the Growth Company’s inward investment team, and will be a key figurehead for the Low Carbon economy within the business and beyond. They will also be understanding of how investment decisions are made.

A candidate who can think creatively and differently about ambitious business development and investment promotion strategies is sought.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and translating the strengths of, and opportunities within, the West Midlands into a compelling value proposition to attract job-creating investment within the Low Carbon sector, from key global and domestic investment markets
  • Having a high-quality working knowledge of, and be able to effectively deliver, the macro-economic pitch for the region and the high-level overview of key sectors
  • Developing and implementing a focussed, internationally significant business development and marketing strategy to promote Low Carbon inward investment in the region, with the objective of securing successful new investment and expansion projects in the West Midlands region
  • Undertaking planned marketing and leading generation activities both nationally and internationally to showcase the regional WMCA geography offer. Play a leading and active role in devising content for the Low Carbon sector in WMGC-led events and delegation hosting
  • Provide consultative support and sector expertise to other teams, when they are engaged on projects that contain a Low Carbon dimension
  • Mentor and support other team members to ensure the Low Carbon sector is understood and support is provided to develop specialist knowledge across other service delivery teams

If you are interested in applying for the role, please send your CV to claire.rogers@wmgrowth.com

West Midlands Growth Company

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