Joint Strategy Investment Board accepts need for more environmental input

At the recent state of the region event, Sir Roy McNulty, the chair of AWM and the joint chair of the Joint Strategy and Investment Board (JSIB), set out the work plan and priorities of this body to look at the existing regional priorities and what could be done on focusing more effort on delivery.

SWM raised the question that the membership and priorities of the group were around economic and social priorities and aligning these budgets, but what about environmental priorities and helping to align the budgets of environmental bodies around regional priorities?

Sir Roy, accepted that although only being in post for six weeks, he would ensure that the resources and expertise of the environmental sector would be harnessed by the JSIB, and that any new regional strategy would have to have low carbon and our environment even more to the fore than previous strategies.

Sustainability West Midlands are now playing our part, by securing funding from Defra to help provide sustainability reviews and support for the JSIB monitoring of the key investment locations in the region.