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KIGHT off grid lighting – Eaves Associates

Eaves Associates are working on many innovations and one of their latest additions to their portfolio is the KIGHT light. The lighting system is completely off-grid, which provides a true net zero carbon solution for your lighting requirements. With ultra-low cost purchase, installation, and running costs, this systems return on investment is undeniably short.

The innovative design means that the solar panels require no maintenance, as they are self-cleaning, do not collect dust or snow like traditionally mounted solar panels, ensuring sufficient solar generation, without large solar panels sticking out of the column, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the lantern is operational throughout the year.

In operational deployment Eaves’ solutions measured lumen output and lighting spread outperforms traditional grid connected, comparable street lanterns, from both an output and spread perspective. In addition, the lantern and solar holder are both rotary moulded from recycled plastic, which can also be fully recycled at the end of its very long life, making these solutions truly green.

The nature of the construction of the lanterns and solar holder means that they are extremely robust, exceeding the IK10 specifications, making this solution vandal proof and perfect for city wide, off-grid and coastal deployment. In addition, being rotary moulded, means the lanterns and solar holders do not require powder coating, ensuring these solutions maintain their appearance without degrading throughout their very long lifetime.

Solar PV Panels, 2.6W 125x125mm, Relative efficiency at low light 97.3%, Si Polycrystalline producing 95.4W, 0.4% annual degradation.

Wind turbine, Up to 300w PH peak output, 3mtr/sec cut-in speed.

Luminaire, ID 12v, 16W 183 lumens per watt total 3000, PMMA polarised optic.

Battery, 30Ah, 192kWh usable energy, 95% round trip efficiency, Li-ion technology, 1% annual degradation, 3 day power back up.

Programmable controller, MPPT, 99% efficiency, Programming timing function, Stepped control Auto turbine cut off, Battery safety cut-off.

Certifications – CE certificate ROHS, Certificate LIAQA, ENEC, Green Apple Award.

Maintenance – Zero Maintenance requirements in normal use.

Standalone DC, off grid, LED Street Lighting Luminaire coupled with solar PV, wind turbine, solar charge controller, battery storage and optional remote monitoring.

Solar PV cells – 2.6W / 125x125mm / Relative efficiency at low light 97.3% / Si Polycrystalline, Producing 95.4W / 0.4% annual degradation

Solar Charge Controller – MPPT / 99% efficiency

Battery Storage – 24Ah / 192kWh usable energy / 95% Round Trip Efficiency / li-ion / 1% annual degradation

KV RANGE IS INSTANTLY DEPOLYABLE Totally OFF grid, standalone , ZERO power required Zero carbon footprint. The lanterns are driverless and produce 183 lumen per watt. The lamp posts have been tested in extreme conditions and over 3 years constant running data of validation support the 5 year warranty on the entire fitting and 6 years on the battery. Full photometry reporting in the UK trials validates this fact.

ANY PLACE ANYWHERE LIGHTING Installed within 20 minutes on a ground screw or instantly on a specially designed reinforced base box.

The base box (above) is designed so the light can be moved about easily with small forklift on construction sites or temporary events. It is concrete filled and reinforced for durability.

If deployment is required for a long duration then a ground screw can be use instead of the concrete base which means the lights are up and working in about 20mins on a permanent or semi permanent basis. The Ground screws are reusable if in the future the location of the lights has to change.

NO MORE EXPENSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE Remove need for expensive infrastructure. No need for DNOs Substantial Energy savings CO2 savings Compliant with regulations Zero maintenance


The KV Range is not just a lighting solution ABOVE the KV3 system installed in the remote highlands of Scotland to track rare breed livestock movements and feed back data.

Security sites/Festivals/Exhibitions /Highways /Construction sites /carparks/cycle paths etc etc Alternate lamp and CCTV post configurations can be accommodated. CCTV (without the light), is the same unit price + the cost of the CCTV camera.

The Technology is adopted by a number of Councils, local authorities and international service providers. Below video of UK’s first OFF GRID roundabout install in collaboration with Surrey County council and Milestone Infrastructure which they kindly created and posted. The column generates all the power to light the roundabout warning signs 24/7.

For more information, contact:

Darren Whiley

07468 471483

e: darren@eavesassociates.com

Gaius Martin

07384 903730

E: gaius@eavesassociates.com

W: www.eavesassociates.com

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